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A “client” is the account’s owner ( the data in the database and their copy of the applications and forms )
Each client gets their own separate database
Each client can have as many applications , and forms as they want


A “user” is a person who has been granted useage access of a client’s form and database -other permission if desired
Each client can have an unlimited number of users


“Forms” are the web pages we use to collect and display the client’s data. They are either created by the client , copied from Listforms, or copied from another client.

They can be either
 - public - users are free for simple survey forms
 - private - $5.00 per user for more complex requiring logons, more sophisticated database use,etc


An “application” is one or more forms that work together for a general purpose. Roughly equivalent to web pages making up a website, but each client has their OWN copies of forms and thus applications.


A "package" is a single zip file that is used to distribute complete applications  (forms and databases) to clients. A package is easily created then shared with desired clients and install in a matter of seconds.

Roles and Permissions

All users are assigned a 'role' which decides the users level of permissions.  'Minimal' is the default for new users and means the user may enter data  on forms but not run reports and change Listforms configurations, add new forms or users.  'Reports'  role allows the smae as Minimal but adds the ability to look at reports.  'Administrator' nhas full power to do everything, including add forms and users, changing configurations, etc

QR Code

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QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) .  In common use, smartphone and tablets can scan and , decode, and then launch a website defined in the QR code.