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With 30 seconds, a smartphone, and a free QR Flex label - anyone can leave a note, pictures, or weblinks for anyone else with a smartphone to see at any time.

4 easy steps : apply it, scan it, configure it, use it!

"Regular" QR codes can only take you to a web address that was assigned when the QR label was printed, QRFlex allows you to assign- and th assigned to them when they are printed, QRFlex let's you leave notesnot only lets you assign .

QR Flex tags work like bank checks. The 'blank' labels are printed pointing to your account but you don't fill them in until you are ready to use. The first time you scan a 'blank' QR Flex label you can configure it with text, pictures, email notifications, or weblinks.

And the QR Flex tag owner can add to or change the information at anytime.

The uses are endless!!

The person scanning the tag to read it is called the 'User', and there is never a charge for the user.

But there are two types of QR Flex OWNER accounts : business and personal , both allow an UNLIMITED number of QR Flex tags

Business accounts are $5.00 per month for everyone configuring a tag (again, users are free) , and there are a host of advanced features that business accounts have access to such as templates, data base access, emails notifications, etc.

Personal accounts are limited to non-commercial use and are 'ad supported', and don't include some of the advanced features of the Business Accounts.

Typical personal account uses 
  • Leave general reminders , how-to's and pictures for yourself and others, for example : microwave times, the best way to pack an item, how to use a device, whom to call , lists of items, etc

  • Set up a log book / guest book and registry allow others to see your leave comments and to leave their own

  • Property tags to let everyone know who owns the item, contact info, purchase info, etc

Typical business uses 
  • A smart asset tag - when the user scan the tag they are presented with multiple options of notes, websites, and pictures for topics

    • A facility with equipment such as valves,instruments, boilers, HVAC, tanks, etc - creates a QR code for the equipment and links that to documents that holds the usage, engineering specs, drawings, maintenance instructions , and  history

    • An equipment manufacturer adds tags to each of their peices of sold equipment that includes basic installation, safety, operational , and maintenace info - then allows the purchaser to add additional info

  • A business verifies that staff is reading the required documentation on the required intervals by requiring a scan - automated reports can be generated to show either compliance , or lack thereof.

    • A business creates checklists that are displayed when the tag is scanned - automated reports can be generated to show either compliance , or lack thereof.

  • Ownership and registration for purchased products - purchaser scans the tag of a newly purchases item and is asked for their information

  • Construction components have QR Code installed that shows where they fit

  • Resturant patrons scan their table tag and can order from the menu -the menu can be either the resturant's formal page or they can create one with Listforms

    • A restaurant links QR Codes to further detail on entrees

  • A food manufacturer includes links to various recipes and offers .

  • A lab attaches QR codes to samples then links the samples to their LIMS system or word documents

  • A tourist venue attaches QR codes that provide further information and advertisements

Personal (free! ) account features  
  • Shows the user your messages, instructions, notes, etc
  • Allows the user to add their own messages, notes, instructions, etc
  • Links to an existing website, or show you how to easily create your own
  • Allows you to use your smartphone cameras to snap pictures and display to user
  • Collects data from users
  • Print your own labels - or have us print them for you 
Business account features include 'Personal features' plus... 
  • Removes the ads that the user see when scanning a 'Personal' QR tag
  • Ability to change or add configuration of a QR tag from a PC / Mac 
  • Displays a menu of multiple websites for user to select from 
  • Displays your logo where appropriate 
  • Provides direct access to your data and database, including usage records
  • Set optional passwords that have to be entered before the user see the scanned QR's information, etc. 
  • Send emails with the users data  to the QR owner or others 
  • Set expiration dates that disable the QR label
  • Supports templates that dramaticaly reduce the time to create similar or identical QR tags.  

How to

Click here to see how to create an account and complete a QR project >> Click here to logon and register QRs >>