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How It All Works

Brief review of fundamental terms

A “client” is the account’s owner ( database and forms )
    Each client gets their own separate databaseA “client” is the account’s owner ( database and forms )
    Each client gets their own separate database
    Each client can have as many applications , and forms as they want

A “user” is a person who has been granted useage access of a client’s form and database -other permission if desired
   Each client can have an unlimited number of users

Forms” are the web pages we use to collect and display the client’s data. They are either created by the client , copied from Listforms, or copied from another client.   They can be either  :
    public - users are free for simple survey forms
    private - $5.00 per user for more complex requiring logons, more sophisticated database use,etc

An “application” is one or more forms combined for a general purpose. Roughly equivalent to web pages making up a website, but each client has their OWN copies of forms and thus applications.

The architecture

Listforms "applications and forms" are similar to "web pages and websites". Similar, but not the same :   
   >Forms are generated using Listforms's  compatible form builder and are converted to powerful web pages
   >Forms and applications can be copied from Listforms itself or other clients but each client has their own copy - they are not shared like websites
   >Clients provide users with passwords to the client's copy of the forms - or -  make them “open to the public”

Every client's Listforms applications, forms , and database are in their own area and are not commengled with other clients. So two clients may both have the same applications - but each will have their own copy, and every client may customize their versions of forms.

Every client may have as many applications , and forms as they want.

Just as every client has their own database , every one of the client's forms has its own data table in the client's database. This approach allows clients complete access to data in any of the client's tables as well as providing additional security

The databases are made with Oracle's mySQL.

How you get and setup an application and forms

Forms and applications can come from three sources :

  1)  Forms and applications can be created by the client -  (please see   Creating Forms, introduction >>  and  Creating Forms, detailed >> )

  2) Forms and applications can be downloaded from Listforms library 

  3) Forms and applications can be received and installed from other clients

For option #1, creating your own forms description includes the method for installing the forms , so we will focust on options 2 & 3.  

Both options #2 and #3 involve receiving / downloading  a single zip file , we call a "package"  and installing it .  This is simple and fast.