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ListForms Audits & Checklists  : Safety, Security, Process, Equipment, etc..

In One Step : Train, Audit, Email Alerts, Feedback, and Measurement Results & Reports


Phones, Tablets, PCs. Macs

Automatic reports and links to spreadsheets

email alerts and reports
All the benefits of custom software at the price of paper :
The initial cost of paper is low but paper is severely limited, labor intensive, and error prone. Custom software is powerful but expensive. "Survey" type programs can offer a compromise but are also fairly limited.  

ListForms runs on smartphones, tablets, PC, etc and has all the advantages of all the other methods for audits & checklists - but none of their weaknesses.
· cheaper than paper , more efficient, more accurate  more...
· more powerful  than "survey" type systems (Survey Monkey, etc) more...
· more  flexible than custom software  more...

Benefits :
· Increases accuracy at point of data collection and beyond. more...
· Forms are always with users on their smartphones and tablets.
· Increases safety because dangerous conditions can be reported instantly. more...
· Increases compliance - failure to collect data can be reported instantly. more...
· Increases the types of data that can be collected (pictures, videos, barcodes) more...
· Establishes absolute timestamps and auditor ID for audits  more...
· Decreases lag time between data collection and data reporting. more...
· Eliminates use of out of date or incorrect versions of forms. more...

Features :
· Validates all required fields entered, and are "reasonable" responses. more...
· As data is entered, questions and flow adjust based upon responses. more...
· Runs on virtually any device from smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs . more...
· Includes reports, exception notifications via email, spreadsheet linkage, etc. more...
· User help & training is easily created and automatically added to each form.  more...
· Supports picture, video,  audio , and bar code data collection more...
· Is an online solution but allows off-line data collection.  more...
· Easy to use and can be created and maintained by non-programmers. more...
· Forms may be shared with, and customized by, other users. more...

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Live demo : safety audit   
 This example demonstrates :
   dynamically changing questions based upon responses,
   the setting of default values,
   all REQUIRED fields must be entered before saving (submitting) 

Live demo : dynamic car evaluation  
 This example demonstrates :
   dynamically changing options in MULTIPLE dropdown boxes as selections are made

Case Study

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Client is one of the world's largest airlines and is EXTREMELY safety conscious. In addition to their own stringent efforts they are a recognized leader in safety and have been awarded the Voluntary Protection Programs Star (VPP) from OSHA.

In order to meet their goals they perform a variety of safety and security audits on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Their audits run from the relatively simple and straight forward to very complex, dynamically altering based upon responses, and collection of camera photos.

While their previous paper based system allowed them to collect the basic data , there are a number of shortcoming with any paper based solution has and the high cost of custom solutions is often a deal breaker - ListForms has the advantages of both with neither of their weaknesses
Listforms Solution

Daily Safety Audits  example :

Client has a "continuous improvement" mind set and identified the issues with their paper based system. Traditional computer solutions would have been too expensive and taken to long to complete - with uncertain results. Listforms solved both the budget and schedule issues , and demonstrated a prototype in a few minutes. The completed system was up and running in a matter of a few days - payback was almost immediate.

Day in the Life
As it is today, the auditor turns on his smartphone, tablet, ot PC and launches the Listforms website, then logs in. The Auditor selects the audit they are to perform and enters the data.

If the audit involves a barcoded station, employee badge, etc, the smartphone or tablet user presses a special key on the keyboard to scan and record the barcode value.

After the auditor press "Submit" the form data is automatically written to the database and the auditor is informed of success.

Managers can view any audit , in its original form, as well as a variety of reports. If there is an issue, a copy of the exact form can be pulled up.

Email notifications about any late audits are sent out to the managers for correction, as well as tabulated results on a weekly basis

The Process :
Step 1 Form Design : The first step was to take existing forms and convert them to Listforms forms, using the Coffeecup "Web Form Builder". While an essentially exact copy of the paper form yields an abundance of benefits ( edit checks, validation or form completion, remote form updates, automated reporting, etc . ) , there were two other major improvements added - conditional logic flow and online help. Conditional logic flow simply means that as the user answers a question the form may add or remove other questions as a result.

Step 2 Reports : With the Listforms the database that holds the responses is generated automatically , as are simple tabular reports , but the client needed a variety of additional reports. Each client has their own Oracle mySQL database for technical users to create reports but , in this case, the database data was also pulled into a spreadsheet for further end user manipulation.

Step 3 eMail Notification :
Daily reports for each group must be submitted by a certain time. Once a week the managers also like to see a summary report. Email timer were set up to read the database and , if determined that an audit was late, an email is sent to the designated manager. Once a week designated managers are sent reports and links that detail the results of their area for the proceeding week.

Problem With Paper

Problem With "Survey Tools"
Online survey tool such as surveymonkey, surveygizmo, and getfeedback do a great job on simple tasks BUT they lack some/all of the major features required for checklists and audits.

Features - more details

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** Validates all required fields entered, and are "reasonable" responses ** -
With paper there is no way to assure all required questions are anThe user choice in one field can also be used to populate other fields - so choosing 'grapefruit' from a list of foods could populate the a 'type' field with 'fruit' and a color field 'yellow'. Those choices can be "permanent" options or pulled from a data base and driven by other answers on the form.

See how this works by running this , click here, example of a car appraisal system. Note that if you select Ford , and a year they made Tarus, it will show up in the list of models. If you select Toyota, it never will.

** As data is entered, questions and flow adjust based upon responses
 ** -  
In large audits it is very common to have hundreds of questions, but only a small subset of those questions are relevant for any specific audit condition. ListForms can dynamically hide or display questions and other elements based upon responses , so the user see only those questions and options that make sense for the audit they are doing.

Virtually any desired screen flow and logic can be achieved, including the use of data from external systems.

For a quick example, run a "daily audit" , click here , and select "No" for any of the audit questions. New options will appear. Changing the answer from 'No' to anything else makes those new questions disappear.

** Easy to use and can be created and maintained by non-programmers ** 
Like spreadsheets such as MS Excel, ListForms is a general development tool that does NOT require a programmer to develop and /or change forms, however programmers can extend functionality if desired.

click to see videos

** Runs on virtually any device from smartphones and tablets to PCs and Macs **- 
ListForms runs on virtually any device with a modern browser and intelligently changes the screen layout to best fit the device being used.

You can test by running some of the examples on various devices or resize the screen on a PC or Mac browser
click to run a live demo to test resizing

** Forms may be shared and customized by other users
ListForms are easy to share among other ListForms clients. Each client will have there OWN copy of the shared program , which they may each change as they see fit.

click for videos

** Includes reports, exceptions notifications via email, spreadsheet linkage, etc.
 ** -  
ListForms provides for several different types of standard reports as well as the ability to link to spreadsheets (for further report development) and "user written" reports with database tools.

The "Manual Table Editor" allows users with the proper authority to sort and search for data in just about every way possible - then export the data directly to a "csv" file or to launch Excel directly.

** Emails may be scheduled to be sent based upon the data entered or upon data NOT being entered.** - When data from a form is received it can be compared to standards , etc and emails automatically sent to appropriate people.  If an audit is scheduled to be done at a particular time and it is not, emails may also be automatically sent.  

** Simple database queries can be used to create an endless variety of other reports **
Using your technical resources or ours, you can write virtually any type of report that isrequired

** Is an online solution but allows off-line data collection **- 
Once a form is intially downloaded, and the form is not one that requires constant linkage to a database, the user does not need to be connected to the web to collect their data and fill in the form.

** User help & training is easily created and automaticaly added to each form ** - 
Using our help development tools , or your own resources, unlimited help and training files can be created - including videos, etc.

** Supports camera, video, audio, and barcode data collection **- 
Virtually any type of media your device can colect can be used on the form. 

Benefits -
     more detail

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** Increases accuracy at point of data collection and beyond **-  
Paper forms and even survey systems allow the user to enter data that is "logically" incorrect (i.e. if the month is February, the day can not be the 31st).   ListForms only presents options that ARE logically correct.   Paper data can also be difficult to read and transcription errors can occur when moving the data into a computer based system.

** Forms are always with users in their smartphones and tablets **-
ListForms runs on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs so if you have one of those with you, you have access to your forms.

** Increases safety because dangerous conditions can be reported instantly ** -
As data is collected it can be automatically and continuously analyzed for dangerous conditions and the user  sent a warning via the form as well as emails to whomever.

** Increases compliance - failure to collect data can be reported instantly ** -
time ranges can be compared to validate required audits are done in a timely manner and appropriate people emailed if audits missed.

** Increases the types of data that can be collected ** -
ListForms can collect any type of data the device it is running on can, specifically pictures, videos, and barcodes.

** Establishes absolute timestamps and auditor id's for audits ** -
Unlike paper, ListForms records the userid and the time in an unalterable form. 

** Decreases lag time between data collection and data reporting **-
Data and reports are INSTANTLY available and does not have to be transcribed or converted.
** Eliminates use of out of date or incorrect versions of forms ** -
With paper it is impossible for a user to know if they have an out of date form. With ListForms it is impossible to ever have "out of date" forms.

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