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Getting Started

A 'client' owns the account, their copy of the application, and the data in the database - the client then gives 'users' permission to use the client's account.

With that in mind, getting started is easy for the client - decide on the number of users you want, and click on the link below.  We will prorate  the first month , but every month after that you will be charged for the maximum users the previous month (at $5 a month per user). You may change the number of users at any time.
SIgnup Page >>

Once you have an account , and have tested your logon ( as shown on the Signup Page ) , we are ready ALMOST ready to begin using Listforms. Pleas see "Adding Users" (below)  and if you are using an existing application, see "Copying from existing forms" (below)

Listforms pages are easy and straight forward to use but we recommend you review their basic operations by watching this
Basic Screen Usage Video >> 

Adding users & permissions

A user with administrative permissions was created for you automatically when you created a Listforms account. That username and password were s sent to you in the confirmation email. To add additional users, follow the instruction included below.

Click here is to read about adding a new user >>

Click here for the video "Adding users and changing passwords" page >>

Getting and installing an existing app

The easiest way to get stated in Listforms is to use, or at least start with, an application that someone else already created.  Listforms makes this a 10 second or less task.  

If someone has already sent you a link to a package, if you are logged on as an administrator, just click on the link and the package. Both application and the database, will install automatically for you.

Listforms does not guarantee any application, in anyway, but this page lists applications that were developed internally or that we believe to be both useful, functional, and safe.

How to add a package (application)  and create one for sharing  video >>

Form usage

How to use forms >>

Creating new, or Editing existing forms

Please see these videos >>