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Existing and Under Development Applications by Listforms and Clients-
please contact us to tell us of yours or to see about "sharing" one of these

Manufacturing, Inventory, WMS, Testing, Training

MIDSTT  stands for Manufacturing, Inventory, DIstribution, Testing, and Traceability   .  It is designed for clients in manufacturing and distribution - this particular implementation is for the food industry and is compliant with all the traceability requirements in that industry.

MIDSTT was developed by Listforms and is based upon their 15 years experience delivery warehouse and production systems to the food and pharma world.

The handling and creation of purchase and sales orders , HACCP, blend tank, manufacturing orders, etc - along with barcode and warehouse management support make this the idea solution for challenging conditions.

MIDSTT is offered free to Listforms subscribers.   See here for more >>

Audits and checklists

Audits are a part of everyday life in some industries. The traditional approach has been to use paper but paper has a number of technical and efficacy limitations and , with all costs considered , is more expensive than a Listforms solution.

Paper audits have no way of forcing completion , validating answers, or changing next question based upon previous answers, and they can not be used in conjunction with barcode reading . Changes in a paper audit require all forms everywhere to be reprinted. Once the paper is complete then the info has to be typed into another system or filed away - As a result, paper is both more expensive and less effective than a Listforms' Audit system.

Audits is offered free to Listforms subscribers.   See here for more >>


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If your data is already on the web , it takes less than 30 seconds to link that to a QR code that can then be retrieved from virtually any smartphone or tablet.

If your data is not on the web, we show you how to get virtually any data you want on the web in under ONE minute.

Or if you have an existing website, you can scan QR code to launch it.

Scan2C may be used by free or paid accounts, although with different options .   See here for more >>

Samples / Specimen barcode tracking

Samples / specimens barcode tracking : blood and other samples are taken and sent to to a lab. THe initial data is collected on a Listform form and a Listforms created barcode label is applied to sample and scanned in via a smartphone and/or tablet. Receiving lab automatically sees sample data when the barcode is scanned in the lab.