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Unlimited Web programs for $5 per month per user - any device, anywhere

Listforms provides a broad array of  web-based "off-the-shelf"  solutions as well as allowing even non-programmers the ability to create there own applications, or to extend existing ones.

Installing an existing applications created by Listforms or by other Listforms clients takes just seconds, with no technical skills required.

New applications can be created by even non-programers and programmers can create complete world class business  and personal web applications.

Users have unlimited access to any available application for $5 / month

......Audits, Prototypes, Warehouse Management System (WMS), Checklists,  Training, CMMS / CMMIS, Barcoding, HACCP, Labs & LIMS, Catalogs, Assets....

One Very Low Price : Any Application,
Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere

Listforms programs are Internet based - free*, safe, secure, sharable, and as simple or as complex as your needs. Typical examples range from simple survey and audit forms to complete manufacturing and inventory systems.

A 'client' owns the account, the application, and the database - the client then gives as many 'users' as they choose permission to use their account.

Listforms are created and distributed somewhat like spreadsheets. If one exists that already meets your need you can downloaded it from us, get a copy from another user, or write your own (in as little 5 minutes). You can then change your copy and share it with others or keep it private. There is no charge for the number of programs.

Your data (forms , entered data,etc) is written to your private data base which is automatically generated for you. Elementrery reports are automatically created , in addition to the ability to link to spreadsheets and other databases or to save data in to a spreadsheet readable csv file.

Free Survey Option :
*If no user logon is required to access a form and no interactive database access is required, for instance a simple survey, Listforms is free for everyone but the survey owner.

For more information contact:

Dave Miller
Product Manager
PO Box 1051
Mauldin, SC 29662-1051

Deliveries :
498 N Main Street #1051
Mauldin, SC 29662

**Offline works for simple data collection but , obviously, data collection that requires real-time communication needs to be Online 

Example Features / Functions

Easily copy existing programs or create new one : designed for technical and non-technical users.

Form Design : Easily create and modify forms / pages. Skill similar to spreadsheet development. Forms can adjust according to previous answers

Automatic Database creation : When copying existing forms or creating data collection and simple reports - no skill required. Auto links to spreadsheets.

User Extendible : With the right permissions, casual users can add new elements and forms. Sophisticated users may add SQL,triggers, JavaScript, and integration with other databases and spreadsheets.

Barcode Printing and Reading : May print barcode labels from standard office printers and read from Android devices ,bluetooth scanners, or other 3rd party devices.

Reports & email Alerts /Timers :  Basic report and database editor are provided for every form. User can create additional. Buit-in timer allows emails to be sent based upon SQL.

Hosted on Microsofts's Azure server : To assure the maximum in speedy, safety and reliability.

Easily copy existing programs or create new one : designed for technical and non-technical users

Oracle's mySQL database : The power and stability of the industry leaders. 

Example Applications..

MIDSTT : Manufacturing, Inventory, Documentation, Safety, Traceability & Training : Far more than a simple barcode or WMS (Warehouse Management Sytem), MIDSST handles everything from ordering and sending purchase orders, thru receipt of inventory, manufacturing managment, sales orders, shipping, traceability, etc.


Audits- Safety , Security, etc
cheaper & more efficient than paper : 
Audits are a part of everyday life in some industries. Paper audits have no way of forcing completion or changing next question based upon previous answers.

Changes in a paper audit require all forms everywhere to be reprinted. Once the paper is complete then the info has to be typed into another system or filed away - As a result , paper is either expensive or ineffective.

With Listforms you can easily create and update 'intelligent' audits that change based upon answers , run the audits on smartphone, tablets, PC, etc - and the results are automatically written to a database which can produce reports - and emails can be sent with updates and notification of results or when an audit is not completed..

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Even if your documents are not currently on the web , it takes just minutes and no special skills to setup  a complete system that works with virtually any smartphone or tablet.